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UK Savings Trends

The Moneyfacts UK Savings Trends Treasury Report provides a vital monthly overview of the savings and investment market. Produced in direct response to increasing requests for current and historical figures from the savings market, the report is a comprehensive review of all the relevant data for the deposit taking markets.

Moneyfacts UK Savings Trends Treasury Report is essential reading for regulators, trade bodies, economists and the Government and will be of interest to those working in the wider areas of finance, product development, pricing and marketing. It is ideal for strategic planning, in-depth analysis of current savings trends and can be used as the basis for further individual market investigation.

What does the Moneyfacts UK Savings Trends
Treasury Report contain?

Moneyfacts UK Savings Trends Treasury Report monitors key trends in the savings and investment market and response to base rate movements on an institution by institution basis. A combination of written commentary, line graphs and tables provide detailed analysis of key features, including:

  • Historic and current average savings rates
  • The number of products and providers competing in the market
  • The household savings ratio
  • Retail savings balances outstanding
  • Total number of accounts paying over Bank of England base rate
  • Real return on no notice savings accounts
  • Savings rate versus standard variable mortgage rate
  • Availability of savings and consumer demand
  • Background economic data including exchange rates and annual inflation.

Use the Moneyfacts UK Savings Trends
Treasury Report to:

  • Understand the relationship between savings rates and mortgage rates
  • Understand trends around the variable and fixed savings market
  • Gain vital insight when planning new products and new approaches to the market
  • Conduct an environmental scan of the market and extrapolate future market trends
  • Compare a provider’s data with overall market conditions.

Moneyfacts Treasury Reports use exclusive data

The vast majority of data contained in the Moneyfacts UK Savings Trends Treasury Report is exclusive to Moneyfacts, with much of it not in the public domain. Our whole of market databases are built and maintained by our dedicated data analysts who are in direct contact with providers, ensuring our data is always up to date.

For further information on the Moneyfacts UK Savings Trends Treasury Reports or any of the other
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