Moneyfacts Residential Mortgage Analyser delivers instant analysis of the UK residential mortgage market. It combines accurate product data with close examination of market trends to provide everything you need in one easy-to-use system.

Moneyfacts Residential Mortgage Analyser:
  • Provides product changes as they happen
  • Gives a unique analysis of product availability and demand
  • Compares products according to calculations such as true cost, true rate and total amount payable
  • Tracks product placement against your competitors'
  • Allows prototype products to be test-driven in the current market
  • Enables design changes to improve overall performance

Moneyfacts Residential Mortgage Analyser allows you to check product positioning, pinpoint gaps within the market and position new products accordingly. It's an invaluable addition to product design, allowing you to create and test new products.

Moneyfacts Residential Mortgage Analyser incorporates special bespoke features to enable you to create Provider Panels and specify your own colour coding to distinguish your products from your competitors'.

Moneyfacts Residential Mortgage Analyser offers a wide variety of report options, including Dashboard reporting. Reports can be scheduled and automatically distributed via email to selected colleagues. Data is easily exported into Excel and PDF.

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Moneyfacts Analyser Range

Moneyfacts also produces Analyser products for Buy to Let Mortgages and Equity Release

For more information on the Moneyfacts Residential Mortgage Analyser or any of the other Analyser products,
please call 01603 476850 or email
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