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Moneyfacts Current Account Analyser delivers instant analysis of the
UK current account market. It provides trusted product data to deliver comprehensive coverage of the UK’s current account sector, providing everything you need in one easy-to-use system.

Moneyfacts Current Account Analyser:
  • Shows product changes as they happen
  • Includes quartile data to show how you and your competitors’ products are positioned within the market
  • Choose from a range of report options to identify market trends, make product comparisons and react quickly to new developments
    in the market
  • Designate and highlight any products and benchmark for comparison within your report
  • Create your own results archive of historical data to compare to past and present results
  • Enables you to view and compare detailed product criteria

Moneyfacts Current Account Analyser features include:
  • Flexibility to export reports via Excel and PDF
  • Access to Moneyfacts Best Buy Charts
  • Instant monitoring of rate changes as they happen and create your own Provider Panels to highlight competitor presence

Moneyfacts Current Account Analyser incorporates bespoke features to enable you to create your own results archive and highlight benchmarked products for easy market comparison. You can choose from a wide variety of report options and create your own Provider Panels to highlight competitor presence. Data is easily exported into Excel and PDF.

Moneyfacts Analyser Range

Moneyfacts also produces Analyser products for savings, offshore savings, mortgages, cards and loans

For more information on the Moneyfacts Current Account Analyser or any of the other Analyser products,
please call 01603 476850 or email
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