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Moneyfacts offers a wide range of data solutions, providing accurate whole-of-market coverage of mortgages, savings, credit cards, personal banking and loans. Used in all types of applications, from large comparison websites serving the general public to specific corporate intranet sites and call centre systems, Moneyfacts data can be supplied as a Datafeed or Webservice.


Moneyfacts Datafeeds are static documents containing whole-of-market information for credit cards, mortgages, savings, loans, personal banking and Best Buys. Flexible and accurate, they are suitable for a range of tasks including market analysis, creating tables and producing comparisons. Moneyfacts Datafeeds provide ultimate control for anyone looking to create a customised web application, as users can take and use the documents as a whole or select and extract specific data. Updated and downloaded daily, these XML Datafeeds can be processed, imported, displayed or referenced as required.


Available for mortgages it is used to power online searches or sourcing tools and is ideal for uses such as a tailored mortgage search, to display only the products an individual consumer is eligible to apply for.

Moneyfacts Datafeeds and Webservices can also be used to generate revenue via any advertising ‘apply click deals’ that may be in place.

For further information on the Moneyfacts Webservices and Moneyfacts Datafeeds please call 01603 476850
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