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Moneyfacts Group provides a wide range of advertising opportunities ranging from its intermediary publications to its consumer website
and awards, allowing companies to target their products at a specific audience.

Moneyfacts Group publications' unparalleled reputation for providing independent and accurate financial data, make them an exceptional platform from which companies can increase awareness amongst a highly relevant audience. Moneyfacts, Business Moneyfacts and Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts are all paid for subscription magazines, each serving their own sector of the market with their
own unique advertising opportunities. Readers value Moneyfacts Group publications and refer to them repeatedly throughout the month,
giving advertisements high visibility. Moneyfacts does not sell or rent its subscriber mailing lists, so exclusivity is guaranteed.

Moneyfacts' consumer website,, is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and is the UK's leading
independent financial website. Each month, hundreds of thousands visit, keen to search, compare and buy personal
finance products online.

Moneyfacts Magazine

Moneyfacts provides comprehensive and impartial product data from across the personal finance market. Financial professionals have been relying on Moneyfacts for accurate information for almost 30 years and 89% of subscribers are IFAs and mortgage brokers, allowing advertisers to reach a clearly defined audience. In addition Moneyfacts has a long shelf life, with 59% of readership keeping their copy of Moneyfacts for future reference and a further 8% passing their copy on to a colleague Click for further information

Moneyfacts Magazine

Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts is the established choice for the professional adviser. With the fastest delivery of fund performance of any trade monthly, covering over 9,000 funds, supplied by Lipper its the publication of choice for companies looking to highlight the attractions of their own fund range and create brand awareness. 78% of its readership use Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts as a reference tool, with 68% of readers keeping their copy for future reference, enabling advertisers to reach a highly distinctive audience. Click for further information

Moneyfacts Magazine

Business Moneyfacts is the major source of business data to the industry, offering invaluable information on all aspects of business finance. Advertisers can use Business Moneyfacts strategically to target the wider business banking fraternity. 79% of Business Moneyfacts' readership use it as a reference tool in their everyday work life, ensuring repeated viewing of advertisements. Click for further information

Moneyfacts Magazine

Moneyfacts' consumer website is the UK's leading independent financial website and is regulated by the FCA. Our core demographic is A, B, C1 and we receive an average of 300,000 visits each month from people keen to search, compare and buy personal finance products online. provides you with a unique opportunity of promoting your products and services to our users and building brand awareness across our site. Click for further information

Product Ratings

Moneyfacts Ratings and Best Buy logos provide and independent badge of approval for new financial products. These endorsements from Moneyfacts instantly highlight a product's benefits and have been used to boost response rates to advertising campaigns. They assist the consumer in choosing a product, as the independent assessment is by a name they trust.

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Booking a table - Table packages are available for each event

Winning an award - Moneyfacts Group has many tools to help capitalise on the success of all winners, including Highly Commended and Commended.

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Each of the Moneyfacts Group Awards attracts the cream of the industry to events that support and reward then excellence of providers. Each of our existing awards brands has shown a year-on-year growth, even in a difficult market. Through sponsorship, we offer organisations the opportunity to be associated with the highly respected Moneyfacts Group brands, not only to the ceremony guests but also to the wider audience comprising of voters as well as providers.

An extensive package of advertising, PR, branding, marketing and tables at the event ensures the best value from your sponsorship investment. We provide a range of packages at different budget levels, ensuring that there is something available to suit every organisation.

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