Moneyfacts Product Ratings

Moneyfacts Ratings and Best Buy logos provide an independent badge of approval for new financial products. These endorsements from Moneyfacts instantly highlight a product’s benefits and have been used to boost response rates to advertising campaigns. They assist the consumer in choosing a product, as the independent assessment is by a name they trust.

Personal Current Accounts

Moneyfacts Annual Star Ratings

Moneyfacts Annual Star Ratings are an annual assessment of the technical merit of financial products, paying attention to the ‘added quality’ features. The Moneyfacts Annual Star Ratings allow the consumer to identify a product with exceptional features against a run of the mill competitor offering. The growing range of products currently assessed includes personal current accounts, credit and charge cards, business current and community accounts, prepaid cards, SIPP and SSAS, ethical funds, equity release, critical illness, home insurance, home emergency cover, car insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance and private medical insurance.

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Moneyfacts Weekly/Monthly Ratings

Moneyfacts recognises that some products are launched with an intentionally short shelf life and the popular Weekly/Monthly Ratings are ideal for these particular circumstances. Assessed at launch for competitiveness in terms of price and flexibility against other similar products, this rating provides a seal of approval from a name consumers trust.

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Buildings & Contents Insurance

Moneyfacts Best Buy logos

The renowned Moneyfacts Best Buy Charts feature those products considered by Moneyfacts to represent the best in their product category. Our financial data analysts impartially assess all products for rate and competitiveness. Only products featured in Best Buy tables are offered the corresponding logos.

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Providers can purchase a licence to reproduce Moneyfacts Annual Star Ratings, Weekly/Monthly Ratings and Best Buy logos in a variety of contexts. For example:

Moneyfacts Ratings and Best Buy logos benefit providers and consumers. They are instantly recognisable and, as an independent badge of quality, they reassure the customer that a product is best in class. Providers can use these logos to drive home the winning qualities of their products.

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