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Mortgage Risk

Moneyfacts' Executive Reports use comprehensive product data that covers the key facts and trends relevant to specific areas of personal finance. Supplied as a monthly PDF, Moneyfacts Executive Reports are designed to assist readers with the decision-making process and product design and are useful to reinforce providers' own findings and help with strategic planning.

The data used within Moneyfacts Executive Report’s is based on statistics obtained from visitors to the Moneyfacts Web Service, which processes tens of thousands of searches every month. This data has been verified by academics from the University of East Anglia as representative of the overall UK population.

The Moneyfacts Mortgage Risk Executive Report combines the key elements of the UK mortgage market. The report contains intelligent structuring of data on historic and current mortgage pricing, availability and spreads plotted against today's market for a clear view of changing trend patterns. For specific trend analysis, lending risk versus consumer demand is further broken down revealing what the market is offering against what the consumer requires.

The Moneyfacts Mortgage Risk Executive Report:

  • Tracks current and historical data on loan-to-value tiers and market share set
    against UK consumer demand
  • Shows availability and spreads for fixed and variable rate mortgages
  • Indicates demand for mortgages by product type
  • Illustrates availability, pricing and demand at lower lending risk (60% LTV),
    medium lending risk (75% LTV) and higher lending risk levels (90% LTV)
  • Provides quartile evidence of rate and product type, which can assist with the
    positioning of new products.
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The Moneyfacts Mortgage Risk Executive Report is published monthly and supplied as a PDF.

For more information on the Moneyfacts Mortgage Risk Executive Report or any of the other
Moneyfacts Reports, please call 01603 476850 or email

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