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Moneyfacts Market Intelligence Reports deliver up-to-date market data in a fully automated Excel spreadsheet format, saving your organisation time, money and resources.

Moneyfacts Market Intelligence Reports utilise Moneyfacts’ trusted, accurate whole-of-market databases to provide comprehensive data sets for the product area of your choice.

Formatted to provide attractively designed, easy-to-follow output both on screen and when printed, Moneyfacts Market Intelligence Reports can provide an instant means of monitoring the market for management, analysts or pricing and design teams.

Use Moneyfacts Market Intelligence Reports to:
  • Highlight at a glance exactly how a company’s own products compare with those of its competitors
  • Flag new products and product changes since your last report
    for an instant means of monitoring the market
  • Filter and sort all column headings for detailed comparison
    and analysis
  • Extract data into your own in-house system.

Moneyfacts Market Intelligence Reports are also available as bespoke reports that suit your specific requirements.

Key Features
Key Features
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