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For a review of the 2021 ceremony and winners, please click here

About the 2022 Moneyfacts Consumer Awards

These awards help the public make the most of their money by showcasing the very best products and providers available when looking at their family, household and personal finances. The aim of these awards is to give the UK's millions of customers a voice and a chance to reflect on how they feel about the range of products available to them. Combining honest customer feedback with the products Moneyfacts’ expert analysis deems to be the best, will reveal which providers are truly best in class.

The winners of these awards will then be able to prove that they combine technical merit with service excellence by proudly displaying their winner’s logo.

You can see a full list of categories here and a timeline of important dates and deadlines here.

Booking informaation

The ceremony will take place at a gala dinner on the 26 January 2022. You can reserve your table online now and pay in November 2021! Table booking and invoicing options can be found online here.

Shortlists and consumer voting

Shortlisted organisations (decided based on technical analysis by the data research team at Moneyfacts Group) will be contacted in September 2021 and the consumer surveys will run between 4 October and 19 November 2021.

Judging process

Stage 1: Shortlists for these awards are first assessed by our highly qualified research team who, using a strict set of criteria, drill down into the small print of each provider’s product range to measure their technical strengths and weaknesses. Only the companies that offer the best products go on to form the shortlist. To ensure that products are being properly considered for all data-specific categories, providers are urged to ensure that Moneyfacts holds relevant and fully up-to-date information at all times, where relevant.

Stage 2: The shortlists are then tested in our consumer surveys, which cover personal, household and family finance. The consumers score the providers that they have had experience with in each relevant category. This second stage helps to decide the overall result, so the consumer contribution really influences who comes out on top.

The University of East Anglia (UEA) was commissioned to independently verify the customer service survey and analysis process of the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards. Summarising their analysis, they said: “We find the data collection procedure through the survey satisfactory. The process is transparent and is detail-oriented enough to avoid issues that could have risen in the future. The survey data is prepared and cleaned for the final analysis in a commendable manner. A standard industry practice is followed correctly in preparation of the survey score.”


For any questions relating to the awards, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact the awards team on


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