Business Moneyfacts is the major source of business data to the industry. Offering invaluable information on all aspects of business finance, advertisers can use Business Moneyfacts to strategically target the wider business banking fraternity.

Published monthly, its comprehensive coverage includes buy-to-let and commercial mortgages, bridging and development finance, business loans, factoring, invoice discounting, leasing and asset finance and business accounts.

On top of providing all the product details needed to advise business
finance clients, Business Moneyfacts also has all the latest business
finance news, as well as regular in depth surveys and editorial comment
from respected figures within the industry.

Advertising opportunities

As well as display advertising there are a number of ways to promote your products within Business Moneyfacts to maximise your presence.

Wraparounds Leaflet inserts
Envelope sponsorship Promotions
Stapled inserts Polywraps
Bellybands Advertorials
Sales aids Sponsored supplements
Cover mounts (part run) Enhanced entries(subject to discussion)

Advertising deadlines

Issue 2017 Editorial Deadline Artwork Deadline Despatch
January 8th December 2016 12th December 2016 20th December 2016
February 5th January 2017 9th January 2017 17th January 2017
March 9th February 13th February 21st February
April 9th March 13th March 21st March
May 6th April 10th April 19th April
June 4th May 8th May 16th May
July 8th June 12th June 20th June
August 6th July 10th July 18th July
September 3rd August 7th August 15th August
October 7th September 11th September 19th September
November 5th October 9th October 17th October
December 9th November 13th November 21st November

Media Pack

To advertise in Business Moneyfacts or request a complete
media pack with advertising rates please contact Curtis Betts
on 01603 476857 or email

Business Moneyfacts Front Cover

Advertising specifications

Double Page Spread
Trim Area H297mm by W420mm
Type Area H285mm by W400
Avoid Text in the centre of the type area. Up to 16mm of the centre will disappear into spine due to stitching and creepage. Add 5mm bleed all way round.
Full page including outside back cover
Trim Area H297mm by W210mm
Type Area H285mm by W195mm
Add 5mm bleed all way round
Half page landscape squared up on page
Trim Area N/A
Ad size H140mm by W190mm
Max Type Area H130mm by W180mm
Half page landscape to bleed off page left and right
Trim Area H130mm by W180mm
Ad size H140mm by W210mm
Add 5mm bleed to the left and right
Half page vertical for editorial
Trim Area N/A
Ad size H253mm by W80mm
Strip Ad for editorial page
Trim Area N/A
Ad size H30mm by W168mm
Standard Strip Ad for data page
Trim Area N/A
Ad size H30mm by W193mm

All artwork as high resolution PDF, EPS or TIFF

Contact the Business Moneyfacts advertising team

Advertising Sales Advertising Production
Curtis Betts – 01603 476857 Lynette Harlow - 01603 476856

Advertising Conditions
The Publisher reserves the right without incurring any liability to cancel, refuse, amend, withdraw, position, reposition or otherwise deal with all Advertisements at its absolute discretion and without explanation. The Publisher shall not be liable for any loss or damage consequential upon or otherwise occasioned by error, late publication, non-publication or the failure of an Advertisement to appear. Advertisements are accepted strictly on the understanding that the Advertiser warrants that the Advertisement does not contravene any Act of Parliament nor is it in any other way illegal or defamatory or an infringement of any other party's rights or an infringement of the British Code of Advertising Practice AND that the Advertiser will indemnify the Publisher fully in respect of all claims of any nature made against the Publisher arising from the Advertisement. Advertising charges are due and payable in full within 30 days of invoice. Cancellation - 30 days written notice prior to deadline date.

For more information on advertising within Business Moneyfacts magazine or any other of our products,
please call 01603 476800, or email

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